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FEYA : female puppy approx. 5 months old, all vaccines, microchipped, white short fur one black spot on her eye.

Feya is a quiet puppy, she socialize nicely, plays with the others but she is craving affection. she loves Ben very much and stays with him every chance she gets
REBA :Reba was thrown over the fence with 2 other puppies. she was in bad condition, very skinny and she had mange. She was treated for mange and recovered perfectly.

Reba is a very loving dog, she loves to be cuddled and held. She socialize very well with all the dogs, small or big, adults or puppies.

Reba has not been around children so it is not yet know how she would interact with them. 


FLUFFYfemale puppy approx. 5 months old, all vaccines, microchipped, white fur with blond spots, shoulder height 40cm.

 Fluffy is the cutest of them all, with soft fluffy fur. She loves to be held and cuddled and when she sees me she lies on the ground and waits to be scratched. She socializes very well and the others love to tease her and pull her ears and her fur.


 . MARTINA : female puppy approx. 5 months old, all vaccines, microchipped, shoulder height approx. 50cm, blond fur.

Martina is from the group of 5 puppies and Martin sister. she is sweet and cute and she looks like she is smilling, she is very loving and has a happy disposition.

there is photo with both Martina and Martin,( Martina is the one with the collar).

 MARTIN - male puppy, approx. 5 months old, all vaccines, microchipped, shoulder height approx. 50cm, blond fur.

Martin is one of the 5 puppies i rescued from a field in middle of July.  the puppies were abt. 2-3 weeks old, left in the middle of nowhere, no food or water, living on a pile of garbage. i gave them some food and a big dog came and attacked one puppy grabbing him by the neck and i had to hit the dog so he would let go of the puppy. i took them because they did not have a chance to survive with a couple of big size dogs very hungry around them.

Martin is a playful happy puppy, not shy at all, socialize very well with all the dogs but he likes his food and does not like very much to share it but when it's time to play he is the first one to race around and dig holes in the ground.



LARA : female, approx. 4-5 years old, neutered, all vaccines including rabbies shot, microchipped, mongrel with a bit of basset hound, medium size, shoulder height aprox. 38 cm, short black fur with brown.

Lara was abandoned at the crossroad with her puppy. when she was neutered she had a massive infection due to ruptured uterus and one loose ovary. that was as a result of too many births. she stayed at the vet until the infection was cleared and she recovered. Lara is a quiet dog and very protective towards the puppies i have,  she socialize well with the other dogs. Lara is a bit sad, i lost her puppy, when i went to look for her she was not there anymore. Lara has a ear tag because i was thinking to take her back but she was so sick for some time and then when she came to me she was so sweet and loving i just could not send her back and i felt guilty for loosing her puppy and so she stayed with us.    














 " Gentle Ben " 



 Perfect Mother ' Dalma '


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