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Just some of the pets which have been saved. Some of the stories & pictures are distressing. But this is exactly why we are here & need support. Please DONATE !

It started nicely enough, a beautiful autumn day, with a beautiful hot sun and clear blue skies ! I was helping my father to make a new gate for the yard, because in the morning I had caught the little devils red handed trying to get out through the broken gate ! The little rascals had made a big tactical mistake : they let the fattest of them puppies to go first so the fatso got stuck between the planks and could not go in or out ! this is how i caught them ! i did my best to nail the plank back into place but a new gate was a number one priority ! I was caught with helping my dad when a neighbor started calling me desperately ! this means one thing only : a dog is in dire needs ! and it was ! She was running and trying to tell me what was wrong : while she was in her back yard she saw this

this little dog lying on the ground and wailing and when she got closer the dog started to run got out of her yard right in the middle of the road ! I caught a glimpse of the the running dog who was weaving between speeding cars !Aat one moment she disappeared from sight. We started to look and finally we discovered her hidding in a cement tube installed in the ditch ! it took 1/2 or more to try to get her out but, between the 4 of us we managed to get her out. 2 thick wires were embedded in her flesh : not one, but two !!!!! She stayed put while a neighbor took them out and then i started to frantically make calls to get a car to take me to the vet ! I am not ashamed to tell you that i cried, i cried holding the dog in my arms, in the middle of the road, cars passing by, neighbors watching but not doing anything, i cried my heart out ! It took me some time but i finally managed to get a neighbor to take me to the other village to the vet ! the vet was alone so for 2 hours or more i helped her as much as i could. Tia was heavily sedated and sewed on the places where the wound permitted. the dead flesh had to be cleaned away, the wound thoroughly cleaned and than bandaged. more pleading, more begging, more tears to find transportation back to my place ! we finally made it home ! During surgery a young mother, her kid and their kitten came into the clinic ! The little kid, no more than 5 years old. was not scared by what he saw on the operating table, a bleeding dog cut in half ! The kid's name is David and he started to ask pertinent questions : what is wrong with the dog, what happened ! So i tried to explain to David that some bad people put wire nooses to trap dogs and hurt them ! and then came the 1million dollar question from the mouth of a babe : ''But where were you ? You were not at home ?????'' Yes, good question, where was i when the wire nooses were put in the fields the first time? Did i go to the police  and insist that an investigation should take place ! NO ! i was afraid for the life of the 30 dogs in my yard that they would all be poisoned by the guilty neighbors ! This time i will lodge a complaint with the local police station and i will lock my dogs when i am not in the yard with them to make sure that no poison is thrown into the yard ! and for closure to this, David came closer and looked up at the doctor who was busy sawing the poor dog and with such an angelic voice that only kids can have pleaded : ''Please Mrs. Doctor, make him well, please, will you ?'' We are home now, Tia is resting she had some water and despite the surgery the tranquilizer and the anesthetic, when i put some dried dog food in the bowl, just in case, she ate the whole bowl and asked for more ! Tomorrow is another day, another dog will be tortured, abandoned, killed ! And where are we ????????? We will try to bring change ! Not only for the animals but also for the kids !Perhaps the children of Romania , asking the same question will receive a different answer, ' there is another way ' ! Help us..please ! 

Murphy's Story

This little fella is Murphy,  a stray. I found him this morning in my yard, (somebody must have thrown him over the fence during the night because there is no other way to get into the yard ), walking slowly with the head bent down. He saw me and hid into one of the cages but when i got closer he did not come out but he started to move his tail in a friendly way. i fed him and attach a leash and a collar to move him into the other yard so i can let out the other 17 dogs that were locked in the garage. this is when i noticed something wrong with him and discovered the wire-noose attached, no, in fact embedded into his skinny body ! He had been caught in a makeshift trap which the locals set to catch stray dogs. He had almost been cut in half !!


 Both Murphy and i were lucky, i had a bit of money and a good vet that works on sundays and i could hire a car and take him to Bucharest.

The vet was horrified by what he saw, even the cover of Murphy's penis was cut ! Murphy was admited into the clinic, stabilised and had surgery next day. He survived and was adopted in a rush.
He is now a very happy dog, friendly and playful & his adoptive family love him a lot.

 John Doe

John Doe was left in a ditch in the village, he was caught by somebody with a wire noose (this is some crude and mean trap used by the villagers to catch stray dogs that are ''tresspassing their bloody fields) and whoever caught him bashed his head in with a shovel or an ax.
when i saw him i thought he was dead but when i got closer he was still breathing.
with the help of a charity i could take him to the vet and he was patched up a bit. he was adopted in a couple of weeks and when taken to the vet again they discovered that his whole face was smashed real bad and he had bits of bones in the nose because his nose was broken too. his front paw that was caughjt in the wire noose was also badly damaged and had many bones smashed.
But this fairy tale did not end happily. Because of his injuries, John Doe had serious infections & after a short time of experiencing love and affection for the first time in his life... he died .


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