' Bobi ' Tantava Pet Sanctuary

A Rain of Tears for Tantava !  A Flood of Shame for Romania !



In this half-light land where compassion struggles to grow among the weeds of apathy and fear, retribution comes as a silent mist down the corridors and alleyways. More dogs have been poisoned at the hospice to teach me a lesson,that I must not rescue any more animals. Another two dogs died in agony watched by the mentally handicapped occupants of the hospice.THEIR dogs had been killed ! THEIR comfort ! THEIR solace ! This is not only about dogs now, this is about people... vulnerable people ! He who killed, not only committed a crime against dogs, he committed a crime against humanity ! And we scream for help from a distant land... but there is silence ! EU, where are you ?


Who is responsible ? 
NOT I said the murderer ' This is the Romanian way '.

NOT I said the villager ' It's always been this way and I am frightened to say anything '. 

NOT I said the politician ' I make big business from all the strays '.

NOT I said the European Commission 'If it's not about consumers then .. NOT I !

But it IS about people. It's about a country frightened to move. International organisations such as Romania Animal Rescue and Romania Animal Helpline have initiatives which Romanian authorities SHOULD have done... but don't. 
And the European Union continues to look the other way........


Lisa lived in the yard behind the hospice for mentally handicapped people. She was a loving dog and was befriended by the patients in the hospice. She was one of the few pieces of warmth in their empty, abandoned lives ... and they were her warmth. She came daily for a friendly touch, a small piece of food.... from her friends.

 Yesterday Lisa died in grotesque agony after being poisoned with antifreeze. In the hospice some are weeping. In the outside world there are tears also ..... for a country which has lost its soul !


 Abandoned ! Trapped ! Beaten and Blinded ! But still he tried to GIVE comfort to me  !



 I found Petronel caught in a wire trap which had been set by the villagers for stray dogs.The wire had wrapped around his throat and also cut deeply into his body. It was a race as to whether he would have choked to death or whether he would have been cut in half. I took him home and nursed him but he was having obvious vision problems so yesterday I managed to get a lift and took him to the vet. The verdict was that he had been blinded, caused by a blow to the head. I sat on the clinic steps and wept. Many passed by simply taking a glancing look at me. Through my tears I was a was aware of someone touching my leg. Someone supportive ? Someone understanding ? Compassionate ? When I dried my tears I saw that my comforter was a blind, gentle, abused little creature who through all his misery and pain, reached out to comfort me. The sages of old taught us another way. A way of compassion, empathy and love . Have we really lost this? Have we really lost our way ? Petronel has now  been adopted and has a great new home in the United Kingdom. 

                         Lost... lonely... and broken !


Sometimes the darkness is overwhelming and feels like it has a textured thickness that is suffused with pain. We have a forest here but it is a forest from hell and this is only because of people !It is full of garbage and dead/sick animals : kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, chickens !!! All alive and trying to survive ! I first saw the mother and the puppies when i went with to collect the strays there. She was newly arrived because I hadn't seen her before. An improvised shelter had been made by a ''good samaritan'' out of corn stalks and dirty rags. This was their 'home' and protection against the coldness of the nights.I noticed one puppy sitting alone and still while the others were busy following the mother and suckling her ! The mother was friendly and nice and she kept coming to lick the little one that could not move. The mother is blind in one eye but she let us touch her and the puppies. The one sitting looked like she had problems with her back legs. Her back legs were splayed apart, she could not use them at all not even to move them.The pups looked nice and well fed, playing happily among garbage, pieces of broken glass, dirty rags. The mother kept walking to the middle of the road, narrowly being avoided by speeding cars which she seemed not to see with her one good eye !!!I had to leave them there but i kept thinking about the puppy with the broken legs !That night when it was dark and the rain started to fall again i knocked on the gate of a neighbor and asked for help.He accepted to drive me, we got our flashlights and went to the forest.My heart was aching not knowing if i will find them or not. It was cold and the rain kept coming and we stopped the car and started to get closer. I did not see them at first but then I got closer and there they were in the little corn stalks shack and the mommy started to wag her tail when she recognized my voice. We picked them up and the mother too and got them to my place.My neighbour collected the little one with the broken legs and his wife took her for Xrays. which showed that both back legs were displaced out of joints and she could not move them at all and it was painful because she kept crying all the time especially when she was moved.We discussed this and Carmen the vet said that the puppy needed urgent surgery. She contacted a friend a vet orthopaedic doctor and they decided to commence surgery ! I was at that time really worried about Penelope and i called Carmen and told her that i trust her judgement and all i could do was to pray for Suki (name of the puppy) to survive the surgery. On that night as a I sat holding Penelope, who was not to live to see the morning, my thoughts were also with the little one who had just undergone surgery, wondering if she too would die.Suki had surgery, she made it and as the vet said : ''on that table it was more surgery than puppy'' ! But she made it !She is still with Carmen for observation than she will be returned to me and her mom !Suki's injuries appear to have been caused by somebody stamping on her back !We urgently need donations to help pay for little Suki's surgery.

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   Harshest Winter For Many Years Brings Romania to a Standstill !



I took this photos on 13th, 14th and 16th february. the snow just kept coming, when it stopped snowing it was freezing, the gloves would stuck to anything made of metal the water in the dog's bowls was frozen after 1/2 hour.

for a few days the village was isolated again, there was no way to get out or to get in unless you walked in deep snow with a strong wind to push you. but still one access road is still under a lot of snow and can not be used. we were lucky in this village the snow did not cover our houses and burried us under tons of snow ! it happened to a lot many other villages were people and animals were trapped inside.

we had one water pump that was still working so i could get fresh water, finally some neighbor took pity on me and cleared the area in front of the gates so i did not have to jump over the fence everytime i wanted to get out.

for the rest i managed somehow and cleared the snow in front of the chicken scoop's door so i could feed them and got them water. the garrage door where the dogs are staying was not covered too much and i could shovel the snow only couple of times per day. the dogs had fun even when it was freezing out and most refused to get inside, they kept playing and running and ended up looking like somebody powdered them, even their whiskers and brows were white with ice but they stayed out !

unfortunately i run out of wood for the central and i had 2 very hard days trying to find wood in this conditions when big trucks can not drive and mostly, with the yard full of snow that would not allow to open the gates to let the truck in. almost half the yard had to be cleaned with just one man that was willing to help and the wood was finally delivered late in the evening. it is not much but it will cover for a week or two. then another problem arised. the snow was thrown near the fence and the dogs found out and after the truck left and i let them out 3 of them went easily over the fence and into the street. i had a real hard time trying to get them and take them inside. the snow bank was really high the dogs were light but i was not and i sunk half way in the snow grabbing one dog and trying to prevent another to go over the fence while the 3rd one was running on the road! so next day the snow had to be removed from near the fence back into the yard again so the dogs will not be able to go again over the fence !

the wood must be cut now and stored in the garrage because it is wet, but at least we will have heat for some time.

still electricity cuts happen, but for short time during the day and during the night.

the dogs are having a great time, the garbage truck did not come for the last 3-4 weeks so there are plenty of garbage bags that can be ripped open and the contents scatered all over the yard !

at least some of us are having fun !!!!!!

now we are getting ready for the floods that will come ! the village is sorrounded by 2 rivers but the worst flood they had here was long time ago and it only came into the yards and in the house, not enough to cause too much damage.


Toxie Gives Birth ! 
Toxie was found in the middle of a blizzard during one of the harshest winters to hit Romania for many years. She was ready to have puppies so I prepared a warm, snug place where she could give birth instead of in the harsh arctic blizzard conditions which had raged for many days.
Today she was rushed  to Paula's clinic after the local vet checked her. He strongly recomended that she should have surgery, her stomach was extended and rigid. I was lucky, one neighbor needed money so i did not have to beg too much and accepted to drive me and Toxi to the vet.  Paula decided surgery so Toxie was prepared they put an IV to hydrate her and i was asked to assist when the pups will be extracted. the surgery went rather well the pups were taken out and then it started the difficult part.  They were premature and we had to resuscitate them, massage and clear they air ways.
they were not moving and barely breathing so Paula decided to put them on oxygen and while Paula was closing Toxie, Ioana the other vet was giving them CPR i was trying to keep the oxygen  hose to their minuscule noses.
Finally one of them started to wail and we had the hairdryer going on to dry them and giving oxygen and between us, soon, all of them were wailing their heads off !
That was the best and most beautiful noise I heard !! We now have 3 boys and 2 girls !!!!!
Mother and puppies are doing well for now, Toxie was given a shot to help her to start the milk she will have special food and vitamins !
Toxie and the puppies would have died for sure, the puppies were  too big for her to be able to give birth un-assisted and the pups would have died of cold if they were somehow born !
Their room was ready and i used a wicker basket with blankets and towels and the hotwater bottle.
it is going to be a long night for me i have to keep the fire going because that room is cold and the nights are now freezing, This morning there were 16 below.
Toxie is playing mommy now licking them and cleaning them.
New Homes ! 
Safe and secure in their new homes in Germany  Aluna and Reba catch up on some much needed sleep after their long journey.







Four little pups abandoned on a garbage heap !


Thrown out as garbage with a large ravenous hungry  dog waiting to eat them I took them home and fattened them up. They all now have new homes where they have been adopted in N Europe.


Found on my way home, five young puppies abandoned and left to die among the garbage . They were about to be eaten by a ravenously hungry stray dog. After staying with me for a while they are now healthy, lively little pups looking forward to a new tomorrow in their adoptive homes.


Feya                                           Fluffy 

Martin and Martina                                         Maeve                       




This country never stops to amaze  me every single day !

This is the place of the fairy stories coming through ! only difference is that they take place in a parallel universe, where everything is upside down !
Every day i live a fairy story : i have been through 101 Dalmations, (nice story !!!!) only in my story the puppies's mother was going to be shot by the authorities and the puppies almost drowned !
Then it was time to change and i lived the story of ''the Aristocats'' ! in my story the kittens were thrown in the forrest wrapped up securely in a heavy duty platic bag that could not be teared  unless you had a pair of sharp scissors ! the characters that have thrown the kittens forgot to put the scissor in the bag !
And Snow White, what a beautiful story !!!! Snow White is poisoned by the step mother and the prince comes and kiss and makes her better !
The ''Snow Whites'' in my story are puppies and cats and they are poisoned and i can kiss them until doomsday, they will never come back to life !
And how about Cinderella ??? another beautyful story ! in every yard of the village lives a ''Cinderella'', it is tied up on a short chain with a peace of stale and dirty bread in front !
All these fairy stories were part of my childhood, the childhood of my generation, ''the oldies'' !
The stories i have been adapting for you are going to be the story of this generation ! This is what this generation of parents are going  to tell their children !
I have another fairy story, the one about ''Hansel und Gretel'' it's the last one and i will do my very best to make it with a ''happy end''
Hansel und Gretel are two puppies, they were thrown in the forest without the piece of bread to help them find the road back home ! and a lot of good it would have done to them that piece of bread, the moment they would have shown up at the gate of the yard from where they have been kicked out they would have been taken further away never to find the road back ! 

So forget the bread, lets' hear the story !
They stayed in the woods for some time and even without bread they found their way to a house, with humans, or so they thought  ! well, they thought wrong ! the witch in the original story at least fed them something ! no such luck in their case !
And here we have to change the original story because i had to improvise a bit ! 
I turned into the Prince on the white horse (as a matter of fact i was riding my old rickety bycicle) and i saw them on the side of the road, a pitiful sight, two skinny pupies with so many ticks on their fur that it looks like they were wearing beads around their necks !
 It was easy to grab them,  bag them and take them home ! 
 And here they are now, minus ''the beads'' sprayed and de-wormed following to have their vaccines ! 
They follow me all over the place, both of them, they had spent the night in the little house sleeping on a fluffy blanket and even had ''room service'' in the morning. 
 All that is  missing now to have a ''happy ending'' is for Hansel und Gretel to find a family to love them and give them the chance to shower them with their pure love !
Thank you